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3D Printing services

3D printing

Couple our 3D Scanning with 3D printing Services or send your own models for printing in resin or fired ceramics.

We 3d print in resin and ceramics in order to duplicate or scale your scan or 3d file, bringing the digital copy into the real world, like a copy, prototype or retail-ready product.

At Artscan3d we offer 3d Printing services for duplication and scaling, using the latest in Ceramic printers and resin 3D printers to produce ceramics and resins.

Why choose us?

We value our lifetime of skills, experience, and knowledge at Artscan3d, with a decade of experience in product design for manufacture we love to help you create, whatever it is you have in mind we’ll work with you to reach your goal.

Duplication and Scaling

With unique opportunities in short run batch production and individual items we use a wide variety of materials utilising our on site facilities in ceramics, resin, metals and foams.  Coupled with our 3d scanning service or from your own files.

Our workshops are able to produce products at resale quality without the high cost of mass production.

3D printed ceramics.


Ceramic 3D printing allows for products in a traditional material using our state the art system and on site pottery. We can transform and original work or designs into something

We have a modern pottery to take your work from digital copy to series seamlessly with as much or a little input as you require. Ideal for architectural or decorative work.

We use very fine Chamotte earthenware, porcelain, or stoneware.

The larger prints are structured hollows which make them light and strong, with a feel of quality and substance that a slip mould can struggle to achieve sometimes. 3D printing uses support for extremities this means that complex one offs are much cheaper to produce than having a mould made.

We offer no minimum quantities and range of scaling between 50mm3 and 500mm3. We can leave the clay “green” for further working or fired in a multitude of finishes depending on the clay type.


Resin 3D printing

3D Printing in resin as an incredibly accurate and almost layer free printing allows us to make models in the highest possible detail. The advantages of resin in both prototyping, advertising, or reference models is low cost accuracy and size.

We have a large format resin printer and processing area which gives us the ability to make a vast variety of parts and objects in a choice of resin types which we can advise once we know the application.


Restoration in Heritage

Difficult to access architectural stonework can be hard to inspect. With our ‘Green Clay’ system, we can digitally capture and recreate the weathered stonework at ground level without the cost of a scaffold.

If it can be reached by access equipment, we can take the scans we need to make a reference or working copy, with a fast turn around this can be an attractive prospect for restoration assessment and costing.

The combination of our portable scanning system and clay replication service creates a cost-effective and non-invasive strategy as an alternative to time-consuming traditional methods. This is an excellent alternative to taking moulds from large pieces in a non-contact, cost-efficient with no distortion. Direct measurements and volumes can then be taken from the resulting mesh.