3D Replication and Scaling

3D scanning for replication and scaling.

We print and scale your original sculptures.

At Artscan3d we offer 3d scanning for replication and scaling, using the latest in Ceramic printers and CNC machining to produce scaled ceramics and large scale foam models.

We value a lifetime of skills, experience, and knowledge at Artscan3d, we also know technology won’t replace them. Our like our 3d scanning service our replication and scaling service, like all tools, is available to enhance your practice and scope to reach your audience.

Clay and Ceramic 3D printing

Time is short and let’s face it we can’t all stretch to a bronze series much as we’d like to. 3d printed ceramics can bridge that gap and allow your work to reach more people in an equally traditional form. On-site, we have a modern pottery to take your work from scan to series seamlessly with as much or a little input as you require.

We use very fine chamotte terracotta, porcelain, or stoneware, the prints are structured hollows which make them light and strong, with a feel of quality and substance that a slip mold can struggle to achieve. We offer no minimum quantities and range of scaling between 50mm3 and 500mm3. We can leave the clay “green” for further working or fired in a multitude of finishes depending on the clay type.


Difficult to access architectural stonework can be hard to inspect. With our ‘Green Clay’ system, we can digitally capture and recreate the weathered stonework at ground level without the cost of a scaffold.

If it can be reached by access equipment, we can take the scans we need to make a reference or working copy, with a fast turn around this can be an attractive prospect for restoration assessment and costing.

The combination of our portable scanning system and clay replication service creates a cost-effective and non-invasive strategy as an alternative to time-consuming traditional methods. This is an excellent alternative to taking moulds from large pieces in a non-contact, cost-efficient with no distortion. Direct measurements and volumes can then be taken from the resulting mesh.

Severely Eroded Stonework Sculptures due to atmospheric pollution on Exeter Cathedral, Devon, England

Large Scale works

With the help of our partners, we can achieve great things! We work closely with a local CNC sculpture company that specialises in machining large-scale polystyrene and high-density foam. Pictured here is a great example of what can be achieved.

Customer applications are wide-ranging: from sculpture to film props; armatures to scale models.

Here at Artscan3d, we offer a fully managed end-to-end service; we come to you to capture the work, leave the rest to us. A range of options are available for this service to suit most budgets.

Drop us a line with your project details and photos and we will be happy to help you.

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