3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning objects, people and sculpture

Why choose our 3D Scanning services?

Artscan3d we offer individually tailored 3D scanning services to meet your requirements; whether you need a piece of artwork scaled for editions or an object captured for reference we can help.

With our 3D scanning service digitally captures people, physical models, Objects, or sculptures. Generating precise data for scaling engineering, inspection, design or 3D printing. Working with companies, individuals and hobbyists.
We specialise in outdoor scanning, 3D scanning large objects is not a problem with our mobile, handheld 3D scanners. We can capture full colour highly accurate scan data from 30mm to 4m.

Artscan3D uses the latest in structured light 3D scanning technology to capture objects in high precision and full colour scans. We import the digital scan data into a suite of sculpting software to create the 3d model.

Works with fine artists sculptors and in product design, so we understand creative projects and details that others might miss. No project is too big or too small – and whilst the technology we use is important, your ideas are what drives us.

3D scanning is a powerful tool

Scanning is used to measure real-world physical objects to obtain highly accurate three-dimensional measurements mapping the object’s form.

The example  shows the captured mesh with and without the colour texture file.

A closer look reveals the ‘mesh’, a series of polygons that make up the surface of the scan. How small these are is referred to as ‘mesh density’, which gives us higher levels of surface detail in the digital capture. This enables scaling without loss of resolution.

We come to you anywhere in the UK

Based in Southampton we are well placed to travel anywhere in the UK.

We use a range of 3d scanners that are efficient and flexible, this means we are just as happy out in a field as we are in a studio. all our 3d scanning services capture incredibly fine detail and volume accuracy which ensures every tool mark and nuance of the subject is captured whether its out in a garden or in the studio we are able to capture every detail.

Our non-contact process also means that even extremely delicate objects such as artifacts, unstable items or even a drapery study or can be captured accurately and efficiently.

3D model data can then be stored for reference, or used to create a highly accurate physical model. With our in-house facilities we can transpose your data into the physical world in a wide variety of media; Clay and ceramics but also resin, wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or even titanium for models or prototypes.

Find out more about our 3d printing and replication service

Scanning the posed human form is one of the most challenging to achieve. We continuously develop our processes to attain the highest quality scans for our customers.