3D Digital Assets

A digital portfolio is a real asset to any 3d artist, Designer or creative person who wishes to reach a wider audience.

The ability to share your portfolio digitally, for example, in a virtual gallery, catalogue or collection digital assets are of real value to any artist. This allows potential clients to really experience your past and present body of work in 3 dimensions.

At Artscan3d we are always happy to help our customers with hosting their scanned work or uploading files to link directly to your site. We have our own account which is growing fast.

Embedded, like the works below, these renders are hosted externally and won’t slow your website or simply send a private link to your customers. Sketchfab, shown here, has a range of plans for a range of needs. They are particularly good in terms of licensing of your work. Whether your work can be downloaded is up to you.

Browser compatibility is very good, Android browser, Chrome mobile, Safari. with the exception of Firefox mobile and the original internet explorer.

In an increasingly digital world, it has never been more important to share Art and sculpture online. Capturing and digitizing 3d artworks gives the 3d artist a presence online like never before.

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