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3D Digital Assets

3D Digital Assets

3D Digital Assets are a benefit to any 3d artist, Designer or creative person who wishes to reach a wider audience.

By sharing your work digitally, for example or a prototype to a potential investor,  as a virtual gallery, catalogue or collection.

Digital assets are of real value to anyone seeking to share their work remotely . This allows potential clients to really experience the item in 3 dimensions.

In addition 3D Digital assets can be used in VR and gaming applications, we can help with topology and editing with our in house 3d editing suite.

Offline hosting

We undertand how valuable your 3D assets are, so with that in mind we have recently developed a secure an offline hosting program.  This means our customers can now share files for viewing only without fear of unlicenced reproduction. Our portable program allows files to be viewed directly from a USB stick without the need installation or an internet connection which also great for presentations and pitches.


Online hosting

At Artscan3d we are always happy to help our customers create a collection and hosting your scanned work or uploading files to link directly to your site. There is a good selection of secure online hosting facilities, wether you want to share your work for a fee as resource or share privately with your customers.

Assets can be Embedded, directly to your website or viewed within the hosting.  There are particularly good in terms of licensing of your work. Whether your work can be downloaded is up to you.

Browser compatibility is very good with the exception of some mobile apps.

In an increasingly digital world, it has never been more important to share Art and sculpture online.

Capturing and digitizing 3d artworks gives the 3d artist a presence online like never before.

Greek Tortoise multi scan
Darwin HD 3d Scan
Dolphin 3D scan in full colour